10/1/09 “The Eyehook Painter” working on “Seam”

Wind Protection

Wind Protection

I practically stepped on a snake entering the factory.  It was the same snake we’d seen earlier.  If I see him again I will name him.  The snake was a good sign because it meant no one else was there lurking in the corner.  The only other wildlife experienced today was a lone mosquito going for my forehead for a two-hour span.  I don’t know if the insect won the battle or not.  I’m wearing thicker coveralls these days so I don’t need spray.   It was another dark, windy day and we spent the first half hour corking up the windy sections of the building so I could move my easel around freely to paint.  I don’t just set up in one location.  I move the easel all over the place during the course of a day to take advantage of light and found objects which I incorporate as I feel they are needed compositionally.  TPM says I need to stop putting eyehooks in my paintings.  He says I’ll be known as the eyehook painter-which to me sounds rather endearing—like a pirate or something.  I like to put alcohol bottles in but I am restraining.  I’ve thought about incorporating some weapons of mass destruction but that seems too political.  I like to just put in what I find on cue because I think reality is always more interesting and strange than anything us humans can make up.  Today I realize I need to teach myself how to paint glass. I roughed pieces from the missing, shot-out ceiling, but it sure doesn’t look like glass.  I’m adding red to compliment all the green from the moldy boards in this piece.  It isn’t there but I’m trying to tweak colors.

The bodyguard and I banter to pass time.  He tells me that his girlfriend called him up crying that the heat got turned off.  It previously had been turned off when the gas had been in her name.  This time she put the gas in the “old man who lives with her’s” name (her husband) but it got turned off and he is moving out. She wants my bodyguard to put his name on her gas and he said no.  I congratulated him and told him he is learning from me. (Saying no and setting a boundary)  The girlfriend told him she was going to put the gas in her daughter’s name (and ruin her daughter’s credit?) instead.

The other thing we discussed is what he should do about his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter with a boyfriend who is not using birth control.  She came home with a virus yesterday apparently.  I asked him what kind of a virus thinking about HIV or herpes but he says she is OK.   He says his girlfriend wants him to talk to her daughter about sex but he feels it is none of his business.  The kid is not his daughter and no young girl wants to be told what to do by some older man.  However, my bodyguard is about the only responsible adult this child has been exposed to.  I pointed out to him the possibility of the mother perhaps wanted the daughter to get pregnant to get more welfare payments in the household.  After I said that, he decided he would talk to the kid about birth control.


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