“Windy Day but Good for Hoppers” (Idaho Road Trip) (Working on Double Crater)

I don’t even know what that means.  I overheard this expression at the general store today. I’m not sure if a hopper is an insect or a piece of farming equipment, and I don’t even ask or want to know.  I like the ambiguity.

This morning Buster and I made the rounds on our morning walk with the bag of carrots.  The Horses came right over to get their morning rations.  Then we fed the mule, and then tried to win over the llama family.  They would not come over and are still wary of us.

I tried to paint but gusts were up to 40mph.  I carried my backpack, pallet and painting up the side of a volcano.  It was a struggle, but when summitting the wind was roaring on the top and I almost fell over.  I gripped the painting but the wind spun it around and it practically twisted my arm off.  I fell.  Two hikers saw me, and two good Samaritans named Richard Barry and Jake, asked if  they could help.  I declined until Richard mentioned that his mother is an artist.  At that point I decided he’d understand so I gratefully accepted his help.  He enlisted his traveling companion, Jake.  They are biking across America from Washington to Virginia and their blog is:


The two of them carried my painting in the wind along the volcano’s rim like a gurney.  I followed behind with the pallet.  They brought the canvas directly to my painting destination and lay it flat on the ground placing rocks on top of it.  I couldn’t believe I forgot my camera.  It was like performance art. I took a photo with their camera and they sent it to me.  I left them my E-mail address and a map of local hot springs which they did visit on their way to Boise..


  1. Looks like a Real Adventure. Glad you are enjoying your trip.

  2. Perfect- No Isuzu treasure or men with meat!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    What an excellent “chance happening” to meet you in the caves area of Craters of the Moon. There are a couple of things on the school calendar but our schedule is pretty open.
    I have peeked around your site but would like to tell my principal a little more about you. Is there a place on your site that I should focus on?
    How wonderful it would be for our school for you to attend.
    Daniel Kuka
    Wendell Middle School

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