10/10/09 Working Half-days, Finishing “Seam”, Starting a School

It is getting cold.  I am now wearing a hat, scarf and down vest to paint in.  Today I am back in East Saint Louis.  We may need to build a fire.  Yesterday my bodyguard told me he needs $68 for a round-trip ticket to Omaha, to see his auntie in the hospital with colon cancer.  I am sorry to hear that bad news because other than his son, she is his only family relation that he has-and her two children who live in Sarasota.  I was hoping his aunt would step in and help him find a real job.  I wish I could sell enough paintings to afford to keep working with him but I’m not sure that is in the cards.  The weather has been dark, windy, rainy and cold.  We are only working short days because there is no light inside the factory in the mornings or late afternoons.  The sun gets lower each day and days get shorter.  During the dark daylight hours when I can’t paint, I’ve been working on starting an art school, visit http://www.artistrunschool.org.


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