10/15/09 Finished “Seam”

It took forever because someone shot out the glass ceiling and this painting has glass shards throughout it.  That kind of detail takes time to paint.  Not sure how well I accomplished it but the painting looks done.  It really is pretty colorful considering most of it was done on cloudy, dark days.  It was a mellow, lovely day mood-wise but the weather was terrible.  We built a fire and my bodyguard kept burning wood found inside the factory.  I kept taking things out of the fire in case I wanted to paint them.  We had a tug of war going all day long over what would get burnt.  I explained to him that I needed all the stuff lying around to paint.  We will have to go get some wood from another source.

The bodyguard and I had a conversation about women who get married and divorced repeatedly as a business plan.  I know a woman that boasts about having done this five times so far.  She is rich.  The bodyguard says women like that get murdered.  His aunt left the hospital and has been moved to Sarasota to live with her kids.  He is thinking about taking a bus down there to see her before she dies of colon cancer.  A bus ride to Florida costs $168.  He called Leon to borrow money.  (Leon went to High School in East Saint Louis with my bodyguard and is the closest to family that he has with the exception of his aunt.) I’ll paint at another site while he is gone.   My fear is that he won’t come back.  It would be great for him if he lived someplace warm and sunny with jobs.  I would miss him but I don’t know how much longer I can afford to hire him.  I need to finish up the smaller paintings that I started at this site before he leaves town.

They dynamited the stockyards today.  They will take down the other buildings next week.  This is one more site of mine that has disappeared. It gets harder and harder to find subject matter.  I don’t want to simply paint shells or facades. That sort of subject matter gets too nostalgic.  My work is about loss but only partially. Most of what I’m interested in is how things worked and painting from the perspective of where the workers stood.  I need the stuff there, at least some of it–enough to make out what the industry was at the very least. I’d like even more stuff to get a little personality across.


  1. Hi Cindy!

    First rate work. Keep dancing YOUR dance and every good wish.


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