10/7/09 Retrieving Easel from a Lead Mine, Started “Feed”

"Feed" hidden

"Feed" hidden

lead mine hole Buster would investigate

lead mine hole Buster would investigate

I took a gamble driving south an hour and a half without an easel to go paint.  I had left an easel hidden in a lead mine over a year ago and took a risk that it was still there.  My back up plan was to buy nails a hammer at a hardware store and build a makeshift easel on location from detritus.  Luckily the easel was still there and I did an under-painting for “Feed”.  With this painting, I was thinking about my father and his support of all his children and grandchildren.  This machine is a portrait of sorts.  It is not exactly a nurturing portrayal and the feeder has lots of leaks.  The machine is from the forties so it is the same vintage as my dad, and overall it is a “grey” almost grisai, painting.  I was it to be rendered in a close range of muted tones without loosing depth. I don’t need a bodyguard where I am painting because it is the country.  I brought buster who I have to tie up or else he’d vanish in one of the machines’ holes.  I left the under-painting hidden in the mine.


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