Buster goes to the Arco Horse Vet (Idaho Road Trip)

Buster goes to the Arco Horse Vet

Buster needs his Addison’s disease shot.  I brought a vile of his medicine with me but I need a Vet to administer the shot.  The only Vet around is a horse doctor–a cowboy with a machine that allows him to hang upside down in his office. We are in Arco, the first town in the USA powered by atomic energy in 1958, for fifteen minutes.  I don’t get why it was only for fifteen minutes.  A gentleman, attracted by my CT license plate, introduced himself and then pointed out to me all the retired nuclear atomic physicists walking around the grocery store parking lot. I was happy to see they were still alive.  CT has high levels of radiation emitted from all the granite.  I shudder to think of what is coming out from underneath the lava here.

Last year I was in the hardware store in Arco and overheard two mothers talking about the local school field trip to the historic atomic “power plant”.  One mother was explaining that her son had his pants dirty and was forced to leave them behind.  He had to ride home on the bus in his underwear.  I figured the Geiger counter reading must have registered the pants bad. I’m wondering if I should be drinking the water from this aquifer.

This morning I stretched a canvas to bring with me to Arco.  It was a big one and I had big plans to paint the numbered mountain in Arco.  However, after driving all around town for a good part of the day, I decided not to do the painting after all.  I decided it was the kind of thing that would make a better photo than a painting.  I drove all the way back to the lava field and started a work before the rain came.  I didn’t get to finish this painting.  The storm kept shooting out little clouds like bullets and the painting underwent numerous transformations.

I then drove up to Ketchum to hear some live music (even though it was jazz) and eat dinner.  I need a little bit of a social life for my mental health.


  1. Wow, Cindy, you sure lead an interesting life and follow a fascinating career path. Hope you find more than a “little social life” and that you and Buster have a satisfying time in Idaho. Love from the Old Greensboro Wrights–Joan, Jon, and Will

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