Buster Makes Friends and Loosening Up (Idaho Road Trip)

Buster has been refusing to go on walks with me.  Instead he wants to hang around the ranch and try and hump the blue healer family next door. If I try and pull him down the road he whines and then stubbornly sits down and digs his heals in.  He is as stubborn and willful as I am. I thought by not having children I could avoid dealing with a “little Cindy” but alas, dogs also mimic their owners.

I am feeling encouraged this morning.  My favorite NY Art critic likes this “Cinder” series of mine and understands how it all fits in with the “Workplace” series.  He has been sending images of my paintings around and tells me the response is good.  Tonight my friend Janet Biggs has a video installation opening in NYC showing herself climbing into an active volcano.  I’m thinking of her.  I’m happy just looking down and painting the inside of a crater.

In my work, I am trying to discuss a meltdown economically as well as environmentally.  The Cinder series appears both industrial and natural. The paintings are beautiful but cataclysmic.  They suggest climate change but it  is up to the viewer to decide, however. I am trying to loosen up with the applications of my materials.  I want to incorporate wetter paint.  Here are some recent examples. Today I feel like hiking to another crater rim to paint to be in communion with my artist friend Janet and wishing her success at the Ed Winkleman Gallery tonight.


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