Disrupting the Horizontal (Idaho Road Trip)

I have to paint fast because the weather will give out any second.  They have already had a frost and it has snowed in the mountains.  The cloudless skies make me think a cataclysm will occur any moment.  The cortisone shot in my knee is holding up.  It has not swollen to the size of a cantaloupe yet and I am able to hike in and carry a load.  I have chosen a sight on a razor’s edge of land between two craters.  I’m balancing on a dissepimental cliff-a dividing wall between two cavernous pits.  I do worry about falling off or being blown off by a devil duster.  I worry the wind will take the painting.  I set rocks on top of the canvas as I paint.  I need to use a lot of rocks because volcanic rocks have no real weight being comprised of air bubbles.  I wonder if you could use the rocks as flotation devices.  I am trying not to rely so much on the horizon line for a compositional device.  I’ve been so busy trying to translate lava into marks that I haven’t worried about composition until now.  I’m loosening up and enjoying it.  I like this latest series of a natural melting down and dissemination. The industrial workplace series was the same theme, but more about an economic decay.

’m also planning to start a painting using mostly the trowel today. We will see how it all goes…



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