9/18/09 Urban Explorers and a Dog Roll

An Urban Explorer's Carne

An Urban Explorer's Carne

I came in this morning to find that we had had visitors overnight.  Bricks were stacked up like Carnes.  The ladder had been shoved against a smokestack.  My pallet in the refrigerator had been left undisturbed.  My easel was there.  I carried my painting inside.  (I had stopped leaving paintings overnight after having one stolen last March.)  I had to get cracking because I had plans after work with no time to spare.  Around 5PM, at the end of the day,  I noticed that Buster, my beagle, was sound asleep where bricks were falling.  I moved him to a tree outside to pack up my gear when he started rolling in something.  It turned out to be a  pile of paper towels with human excrement possibly left by an urban explorer the night before.

Luckily I always travel with a role of Scott paper towels with a decorated edge. I lined the inside of my truck with them and somehow got him home and into the tub without messing up my truck- but I didn’t make the art openings.  Later upon reflection, I realize the pile of excrement had the same design on the paper towels as the ones I use to paint.  Somehow it is easier to deal with the though of an anonymous poop rather than a familiar pile left by my bodyguard.

Buster in a ball

Buster in a ball


  1. What do you have against Urban Explorers?

    You feel you have more of a right to be there than the rest of us?

    Why do you assume if something is out of place or your things are messed with it must be an explorer?

    Why do you and your bodyguard insist on chasing everyone out of there like you own the place?

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