I got a cabin! (Idaho Road Trip)

I’m at 5,600 feet in high desert.  There has already been a frost.  I’m worried my PVC pipe structure will not hold up to the weather.  Last July on the lava flow the wind took two hefty women airborne and rolled them down the cinder cone in the gravel. Gusts were reported at 85 miles per hour.  My tent collapsed nightly and finally ripped in half.  The structure I built shakes.  It is too hard for this middle-aged woman to camp, deal with an at-needs dog and paint with tar and oil.

At the general store in Picabo, I happened upon the owner; a pretty blonde named Sharon.  I asked if she knew of places to rent and she mentioned a cowboy had just moved out of a cabin on her ranch.  I wrote a check out for $400 and instantly moved in.  I am overjoyed.  Shelter is huge.  Thanks to being out of the wind, my canvases are no longer kites.

My address is now:  Cindy Tower, General Delivery, Picabo, ID  83348


  1. Looks like a great place. Where are the pictures of the pretty blonde :-))

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