Morning “Scat-Tour” Walks and Hiding more Paintings (Idaho Road Trip) (Cave Area Paintings)

o, after feeding “Donkey” behind the cabin, on our morning walks, Buster has been showing me all sorts of scat along the road (I will spare you the photos) and I in turn, point out weird farm stuff-machines mostly, huge cottonwood trees that look to be about three-hundred years old, Monsanto chemical containers, strange cargo left on trailers in front of the cabin and weird evidence of activities such as pools of blood on the ground from the birth of a calf, or a line of trucks awaiting to take away 700 head to the feed lot.

It is so windy now that I have to leave the paintings on location in any overhang I can find.  Searching for a shelter for the paintings takes a little more time.  If works get wet, the stretchers warp and galleries don’t like to show them then.

I have been crabby while painting and feel badly about it.  I have been rude to passersby who ask me how long my painting has taken so far.  It is just that that is the only question I ever get asked and it seems to be the only thing the general public is interested in.  I do not understand what they are interested in. Is time the criteria by which a work of art is judged?  It is the last thing I would think to ask and this makes me feel like I do not fit in to society at all.  But then I remember that just by being different and an individual, I contribute greatly.

Last night I decided to treat myself to a steak at Pickle’s Place in Arco and walk Buster around a town that has a few sidewalks.  I think Buster might actually be more of a city dog as I am a city girl.  His tail seems to wag on a higher level when he is in a more urban environment.   I got home from Pickle’s place and looked at my face. I have no idea why nobody at the restaurant said anything to me.  I had sky blue paint completely circling my eye.



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