North Crater Flow (Idaho Road Trip)

North Crater Flow is a volcano that had its North side blown out by a magma eruption that hardened into a shell of cracked blue glass. It is beautiful, but knarly.

Another front is moving in and the wind is so high my eyes have cinders in them.  I had to run water over my face for a half hour to get the dust out.  I tried to carry the canvas home, but the wind was so fierce it cut my hands in trying to ply the stretcher bars loose from them.  The wind really wanted my painting.  I had to leave it up the mountain inside a small dormant volcano.  I found a rock on the bottom of the volcano that had an overhang on the backside, which would provide partial shelter.  I checked out all the vantage points to make sure the painting was concealed from all angles on the trail.  The only way one might stumble upon it is if they needed to take a wiz. The painting would be difficult for anyone to carry in the wind.  It is the best I can do. I have no choice but to leave it.

I have to hike in and out with my supplies.  Supplies always include a flashlight, knife, rain jacket and a hat.  I’d like to bring a cell phone, but at the moment mine broke and I have to wait until Monday for Verizon to ship a new one to the Silver Creek general store.  I will make sure to leave a note on my truck’s dashboard of where I am painting in case something happens.  I have to leave Buster in the truck because it is too hazardous for him and dogs are not welcome in this section of the national monument.  I just hope that tomorrow the wind is not as fierce.


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