9/15/09 Painting in the Rain, “Painting on Dust”


It was raining so I brought a little one to work on and was forced to paint in the only area, which has a roof.  I’m working on material that is more like felt or lint than canvas—it isn’t woven but pressed together.  I found this material under the rug at home.  It had been used as padding.  I like this surface because the result reminds me of a John Lees. He is one of my favorite painters showing at Gladstone in Chelsea. As in his work, you can’t get too detailed because the surface is so bumpy.  It is more like painting on dust– which makes a great translation of this place.  I did a bigger 6’x7’ painting on this material which included a portrait of my Bodyguard in a machine last month. I was thinking of naming it “Ghost in the Machine” but instead titled it “Painting on Dust”.  At first it looks haunting but really it is peaceful.  I put him in the little painting on dust again today but this one doesn’t look foreboding–more as if he’s tending a garden.


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