9/28/09 Painting Like Sailing a Ship

Bushes-The culprits that wipe the paint off my canvases each day.

Bushes-The culprits that wipe the paint off my canvases each day.

Leaf with light blue oil paint on it in front of painting leaned agaist side of truck.

Leaf with light blue oil paint on it in front of painting leaned agaist side of truck.


It was windy today.  It was hard carrying my canvas in and out of the site because it acted like a 6-foot x7-foot kite. It was a good workout for my arms though.  I had to carry it way up high above the bushes. Some of the painting rubbed off on leaves despite my carefulness.  It was so windy the canvas constantly reverberated like a drum.  It was like painting with DTs. I had to move the plywood I was using to cover a hole in the floor and prop it against a doorway instead, on the starboard side of the factory where a door was missing and wind was gushing out.  I hung a rug from a pipe in the ceiling to block the wind shooting from the top half of the doorway.  The wind knocked the inch-thick plywood over, so then I had to roll some water-filled 55-gallon drums against it as anchors.  It was so noisy with the wind shaking the halyards and banging things around.  Feathers were flying. It sounded like docks groaning and sails luffing. In lead mines we’d refer to these creeks and groans as Tommy Knockers.  But this was a meat processing plant instead of a mine and there were no ghosts of miners knocking on things to warn of an immanent collapse here.  I think there might be some ghosts around, though.  I imagine them watching me paint alongside my Mother’s spirit, and that of my friend Al Phillips who’d be there as well if he isn’t hanging with Michael Jackson since they died practically at the same time.  Tony showed up today.  He asked if I’d seen the mating owls that live here. Tony worked with Ted.  He said Buster was not Ted’s dog.  My Bodyguard told me he couldn’t cash the check I had written him because Tom, the storeowner,  had called the place he tired to cash it at and told them not to cash his checks. Tomorrow we will get a late start because first, my bodyguard will have to travel by bus to another town to try and cash his check.   His rent is due and so is mine. My bodyguard is still kicked out of the store and can’t buy anything as well. (I had to bring him some Gatorade.)  Tony gave him a funny look as he left today which made me wonder if Tom, the storeowner, also told him my bodyguard was a thief.  Maybe all this wind will help this drama blow over.  It is amazing I’m getting any painting done at all these days!


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