Sky looks like a Sinus Infection and Body Work (Idaho Road Trip)

Last week a huge, low cloud moved in and sat its pancake-butt down flat covering the desert.  It did not budge for a week and it brought winter early. The lava field was under torrential showers and then left in snow. The animals were all taken away.  The horses were moved to Boise, the donkey was moved and so were the llamas.  I’m stuck with several large bags of carrots, but eventually, I found that “Donkey” was placed behind my cabin so I can at least feed him the carrots.

Despite not being able to paint, I kept busy with “bodywork”.  I drove up the hill to Ketchum where I discovered Buster was peeing blood.  The Vet said his prostate was ten times the size it should be.  It turned out not to be cancer, but he was neutered instantly–a big surgery for a dog with Addison’s disease and an undescended testicle (cryptorchidism). Buster was doing poorly after surgery so the Vet took him back for a couple nights free of charge.

Buster was then able to go on short walks with me in which we collected found “drawings”.   I sent them to Ben Moore in Saint Louis who has a personal Museum of wooden cigar boxes, each of which house a collection of detritus made of a real material-Nothing Plastic allowed! Our found Idaho drawings are now housed permanently but the viewer has to find the box because boxes more around continuously (See Photos).

In the rain this week, I continued searching for a lava-tube-cave to store my paintings in (for free for a few years; like a time capsule).  I was a little creeped out because last year a young man entered the lava fields never to be seen again and I was afraid I would make a grisly discovery of a body.  In one collapsed tube, I did encounter a giant skeleton that may have been an elk.

This week I attempted marketing the new “Cinder series” by having an open studio.  To advertise the “Cinder Party”, I posted fliers and placed a road sign on the highway.  I served black h’orderves, which included dark beverages such as coke, dark beer and red wine. To match the black paintings were blue corn chips, olives, chocolate covered strawberries and donuts, black grapes, dark seaweed rice snacks, and caviar.  A few people actually showed up although somebody walked off with my black down vest.

I also went to the doctor this week, first, to get antibiotics for a sinus infection caused by an allergy to the blooming sage and rabbit brush.  I also went to the Sun Valley Ski Team’s Orthopedic Surgeon regarding my right knee.

I injured my knee this past spring during my “Art into Land” exhibition.  The knee has been getting worse.  I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get the swelling down-ice, heat, gels, oils, moxie sticks, acupuncture, stretching… The Sun Valley doctor gave me a cortisone shot to temporarily get rid of the swelling, but he told me I need to have my knee partially replaced.  A friend in Ketchum later suggested I look into getting bodywork done to see if that might help my knee.

It turns out; I took his bodywork advice quite literally. I was so preoccupied upon hearing that I needed knee replacement that I backed my truck up into my neighbor’s vehicle.  My steel easel was sticking out of my truck and bent the neighbor’s fender.  It turned out that five Mexican cowboys jointly owned the vehicle and I did over $1,000. worth of damage.  They wanted no paper trail. I paid them cash and they went out and had a huge barbeque party that lasted all day, Sunday in the adjacent yard.

I did do one painting in the snow this week.


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