9/9/09 Spraying and Working on “Maintenance Walk” (in the dark)

Cindy spraying site9/9/09

This month I’ve been piloted into the painting site each day by a fleet of pale yellow butterflies hovering the sides of my truck. The mosquitoes have also been thick–so much so that I was forced to buy a six-pack of foggers at the Home Depot to spray periodically while working.  I heard there are several cases of West Nile virus here in East Saint Louis.  First I tried wearing layers of protective clothing to keep bugs off  (including turtle-necks)–but it didn’t work.  Mosquitoes are attracted to oil paint fumes. They swarmed my hands and face and I got so desperate that I used Off on my face.  Eventually I went on a rampage; attacking them with the fogger whenever I saw clusters congregating or blindly when heard buzzing. This habit got expensive and it was bad for the environment. I’m going to try citronella candles next. I’m finishing up a painting TPM named “Maintenance Walk”.  It is pitch black where I’m painting and hard to see the bugs as well as colors.  I have to keep mixing my colors outside and then go back in to paint.  I almost need a headlamp.  I couldn’t get the right black so I used tar.  I always keep tar in the truck for black.


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