Started Two (Idaho Road Trip)

It was a good painting day.  I started two.  I love starts because I haven’t yet lost potential.  It was windy and I was forced to take my hat off. My hands were covered with tar so I couldn’t apply sunscreen.  I hoped I wouldn’t get too sunburned, thinking that perhaps the ozone is more in tact here due to less automobiles-although I know better.

I wanted to use a trowel to paint with and was in search of subject matter that would allow for different gestures to use it with.  I hobbled up a cinder cone to view the inside. I skewered my canvas to the side of sagebrush to anchor it from the wind.  Normally I’d weight down my stuff with rocks, but the rocks here although giant, are weightless.  They feel like pumice, or as if they are made of Styrofoam.  I think I once made some while being a scenic artist. I had to paint flat on the ground. I reinforced the painting through the stretcher bar to the bush with a strap. I guess I’ll have to do the same thing tomorrow.

There have been a lot of grass fires in surrounding areas.  This effects the view, making everything in the distance washed out.  I have to paint later in the afternoon when colors are intensified in consideration of the smokey atmosphere.

Late afternoon is my most favorite time to paint anyway.  Today I really

ran into wind complications on the second start.  I braced the canvas to my truck. Tons of tourists stopped to take photos of what I was painting.  One couple took a photo of me and said they’d e-mail it to me.

I dropped by the ranger headquarters and said hello to Ted Strout, head ranger.  I was happy the painting of mine the park owns, done last summer, was on view.


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