What Sun Valley Looks Like (Idaho Road Trip)

Since I feed the horses carrots each morning, another creature has gotten curious and wants to be included.  I am now greeted by a black version of “Mr. Camel”, who comes over to give kisses.  The Rancher tells me his name is “Obama”.  (I don’t think they like our President.) He is always dragging on a hay stick.  He is very cool.  Animals are great and everything, but I am going a little stir crazy in this self-imposed isolation/exile and need to interact with some humans.  One friend referred me to Lileth (a mythological figure from the Bible who lived among the ruins).  I was a little horrified at that comparison.  One way to get out of isolation is to go up the hill.

From Picabo, Civilization is about an hour and a half up the valley.  In Sun Valley are galleries and hot springs. Here are some pics. I also wanted to show a shot of snow still on the ground from last winter and starts of two paintings from yesterday.


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