Working on Flow II and Hairy Car Idea (Idaho Road Trip)

The wind kept up at 40mph today.  I didn’t even bother to climb up the volcano to paint.  Instead I headed the truck into the wind and used it as a shield to paint behind.  I felt a little guilty taking up several parking spaces, but hardly anyone was around (being a Monday I guessed). I have to keep a rug over the tarp so the tarp doesn’t rip in the wind.  Last year I had the same problem painting in the wind.  I tried to open the truck door, and use it as a wind barrier.  Unfortunately, the wind blew against the door so hard that it over-extended and the door hinge broke.  I had to go to a body shop and get the door welded and rehung. Today I worked on Flow II from the back of the truck and using the tailgate as a pallet.

Besides dealing with being blown by the wind, choking on ashes and getting cinder dust in eyes, one has to deal with the sun.  I can’t wear a hat for shade, because it is too windy, and if I put sunscreen on my face it gets in my eyes.  I’m not really worried about me so much as Buster , however, who has to stay in the car because dogs are not allowed in any place other than the campground here.

I fill the compartment between car seats with water. I shut towels and shirts in the doors to block the sunshine and use a sun visor on the dashboard. Also, my truck is white, which keeps it cooler.

A cool thing about the desert here is that there are a lot of white plants.  The plants are also hairy which is nature’s way of protecting them from the scorching sun.  I thought it might be a good idea to have a white, hairy truck as insulation for Buster. I had an idea that next time I paint the truck I’ll see if I can stick magnetic fibers in the paint to make it “hairy”.

I also wanted to report on the morning activities and show off the breakfast I had yesterday at the Silver Creek Convenience Store.  The horses are now coming over to greet us and get their carrots in the morning.  So is Donkey.  The llamas are getting more friendly but the sheep still run away-from barking Buster.


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