9/22/09 Working on “Seam”

seam showing from the side

seam showing from the side


Today went a little better than yesterday.  My Bodyguard bought a new bike for $5 (stolen?), a new phone for $35 and got back together with his old girlfriend.  I brought a bone for Buster.

The mosquitoes are as fierce in the big room as they had been when painting in the dark room.   I built a stretcher out of wood from Lowes on the sidewalk,  but couldn’t find any canvas in town that was large enough to stretch over the strainer.  Because I was eager to paint, I bought a $28 drop cloth to use instead of canvas.  The problem with drop cloths is that they are made in four-foot sections of cotton material so they  have a seam every four feet even if they are twenty feet long.  I used the drop cloth-seam and all- anyway because I was in a hurry to paint and didn’t feel like waiting a week for a shipment of canvas.   I like the seam in this painting.  It lends an industrial edge to the work although I am worried what my dealer, Bruno David will say about it.  I hope he doesn’t notice but when you see the painting from the side the seam really stands out.  I could see him offering a client 30% off because of it-like selling a refrigerator with a dent.  If he’s smart he’ll charge them double.  He could say ” this is when the artist was really really broke and was forced to use a common drop cloth…”

"Seam" in progress-laying out the composition.

"Seam" in progress-laying out the composition.

The “Seam” has been a challenge to hide but I like what happened.  The form dictated the composition completely.  I stuck smokestacks in to run alongside the seam in the top half and then added a 55-gallon drum to run the bottom section.  Everything in this painting is painted green referencing Mississippi mold. My allergies caused by the mold are terrible.  I keep spraying the fogger, flapping my rags and blowing my nose.  I’m painting badly but I love the composition.  You try and hide a canvas seam sticking out an eighth of an inch in a painting.  I did a good job.


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